Flamingo Tours (CAT)

Friday, July 15, 2016 - 20:00

Main Program

Myriam Swanson is known for being the voice of Mambo Jambo sessions of Taboo Burlesque Nights at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. Now, Swanson will be known for leading his own band, Flamingo Tours, with the publication of "Right on Time", first full-duration of the band. "Right on Time" was recorded at Ground Studies, in July 2015, and was produced by Swanson and Ander Agudo. The repertoire is full of songs of their own and some versions of various flavors. A musical cocktail full of rock'n'roll rooted in the wildest tradition of popular music of different flavours: exotic and cavernous rhythm'n'blues, deep soul, frantic surf and exciting rockabilly.

Pati de la Seu del Districte de Nou Barris
Free access - Limited capacity